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Share your link

You read that right. All you need is a link to connect your followers to market research.

Your followers share their opinions

And get rewarded for it with Amazon vouchers or Azteco Bitcoin.

You earn every time they get rewarded​

Effortlessly withdraw with Paypal, Amazon rewards, Bank transfer or Bitcoin.

They open your link

Let’s start with the basics.

Cupid-style match-making

They answer a few anonymous questions that allow our AI to give them the most rewarding survey.

Redeem or reduce

They can redeem the now discounted voucher or reduce the price further by completing additional surveys.

They get rewarded. You get paid.​

Everytime your followers complete a survey, both of you earn.


Our features


Choose your preferred method: PayPal, Azteco Bitcoin vouchers, Gift cards – or just a simple bank transfer.

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Zero restrictions

There’s no limit to how much you can earn. Oh, and there is also no audience, channel requirements or content-type restrictions.

one link

Making money, made easy with a simple link. No selling anything, downloading anything, or dealing with complicated integrations!

Madai makes influencers and their friends happy
why we match

You have a direct line
to the people

Time to make the most of it. Benefit from your follower’s successful survey activities and take the cut that you deserve.

Monetize, Madai, Free digital gift cards, Give Get Earn
affiliate Beyond Boundaries

Let your community earn, not spend!

Madai Monetize is changing the game of affiliate marketing, giving content creators power without asking their community to spend. 
Unlike traditional affiliate programs that rely on convincing communities to buy, Madai Monetize turns it around.
Here, your community doesn’t spend – they earn. By taking part in surveys, your community collects rewards, making monetization seamless, fun, and rewarding for everyone. Say goodbye to the hard sell. Madai Monetize lets you and your community earn together effortlessly.

You and your followers opinions matter

But not more than your privacy.

Your privacy is at the heart of everything we create. Madai protects you and your followers by not collecting or storing your data. Unlike other platforms, your followers don’t need to sign up unless they want to make a purchase or cash out. In this case, we only ask for contact details to deliver them an e-gift card or a voucher. To learn more, explore our fully transparent policy on data collection.


How do I start earning?

Sign up, share your unique link with your followers inviting them to share their opinions and get paid, in real time.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn?
There are no limits to the amount of money you can earn with our tool.
How much are my followers rewarded?

Your followers are paid in real time; cash value and there is no limit to their earning. You choose the type of reward, they can earn until happy, anytime and as many times they want.

Absolutely, you can use your own link to earn rewards from surveys while also earning commissions for yourself.

Got more questions?

We’ve got more answers. Check out our extended FAQs page.


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