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Below steps will show you:

  • How your community earns by participating in top-tier surveys
  • The instant cash rewards they receive
  • How you earn with each survey they take

Your earnings will be updated under “Current total earnings” and transferred into your account upon completing all three steps.

1. Introductory Demo: Discover What Sets Us Apart​

One-on-One with our monetization specialist

You’ve been chosen to receive a step-by-step guidance on how to best use Madai Monetize with all your channels. To do this, we want to know who you are, what kind of community you’re building and what your aspirations are.

2. Your audience earns for you. Experience this firsthand.

Test and redeem a gift card yourself

You earn as your followers earn free cash rewards. Let’s see how that happens and give you a first hand experience of the uniqueness of Madai Monetize.

3. Show us what you've learned & stand out

Engage the first group, see them earning while earning for you

Having received personalized consultation and experienced the process, you’re now ready to guide your community.
Let’s start with just five of your followers.