best practices – using the link

Where to place the Monetize link you've received?

Ensure easy access
If you have a website or a blog, we suggest adding a permanent header link that is easy for your audience to find. It will be easy to return to and will legitimize your participation in the MadaiMonetize program.
Promote along your content
Nothing will introduce a new solution to your audience better than your own story. A post, an article, a vlog, or a live update; you know your people best, and you know how to engage them!
Homemade call-to-action
Your content is often the perfect home for a CTA at the end. Let’s assume you are speaking about the newest trends in fashion and you are linking users to advised purchases – offer them a little extra and invite them to earn a discount towards their purchase; value off their favorite gift card in exchange for a little bit of their time.
Social media power
Share, share, shared remember to create a social media campaign with consistent messaging and imagery. We know this is right in your wheelhouse and you know how to do it best.
If you have direct access to your audience via email, we suggest and email campaign. You will be able to offer a more curated explanation of Madai Monetize and how it can benefit them.

best practices – the reward

Let's not forget, the reward!

We suggest using clear language if nothing else comes to mind. Users can easily confuse the monetize CTA for another rewarding program which may offer them points or similar.

What speaks to your audience?
If your audience consists predominantly of Grandmothers, Uber Eats is a great gift to keep their grandkids fed even when they aren’t the ones cooking.
Play the their taste level
If your audience consists of tech heads, get them excited about the tech they can buy on Amazon.

You know your audience and what drives them. Tap into this knowledge to make the most out of the rewarding experience.

best practices – clear & simple language

When in doubt

Madai Monetize rewards are cash equivalent and instantaneous.

Simply put
Take a survey and reduce the price.
Mix it up
Trade your time for discounts on a gift card.
Provide your opinion and get rewarded for it!