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Earning with Gift Cards

By utilizing our technology, you connect to the $89Bn market research industry. Your followers can share their opinions through a transparent, privacy-protected platform, and receive real-time rewards for their participation. As they continue to provide valuable insights, their rewards increase, and you will receive payment for each successful transaction.

Your followers will access our platform via the landing page linked to your unique referral link. When they arrive, they will see that they can reduce the cost of their digital gift card by clicking the “Reduce” button. As they continue to participate, the discount they receive will increase. At any point, they can choose to cash out and receive their digital gift card, which will be delivered within 24 hours by our team.

Sign up for our free trial, share your unique referral link.

There are no limits to the amount of money you can earn with our paid subscription. The free trial has a maximum earning limit of $100 and lasts for 45 days.

You can monitor your earnings in real-time through your dashboard if you are subscribed to a paid plan. If you are on a free trial, you will receive a report at the end of the trial detailing your earnings.

Gift Cards & Brands

All plans include access to Amazon gift cards from the start. Pro plans gradually unlock new gift card options based on performance, while premium accounts allow you to select three preferred brands to work with.

You can upgrade your plan from your Dashboard or by visiting our Plans page for a range of options and details.

Yes, with the Pro plan, you can unlock access to additional gift cards. If you have a Premium plan, you can choose to start with three brand gift cards.

Your followers will receive an email confirmation as soon as they cash out, and their digital gift card will be delivered within 24 hours.


We prioritize our users’ privacy and transparency in all aspects of our platform. We do not collect any private data, ask for passwords, or target your followers through email.


This offer will complement and not interfere with your existing monetization methods. In fact, it has the potential to boost your earnings.

You don’t need to sell anything and your followers do not pay out of pocket for their digital gift cards.

Requirements & Guarantees

Engagement and number of followers both impact earnings, use our calculator to evaluate potential.

This tool is currently only available for US-based audiences. If you have followers located in the US, you are eligible to use it.

Yes, you can use your referral link to earn by generating digital gift cards for yourself.

As long as your followers are legitimate, you will be able to earn through this offer by providing them with free shopping credit.

If you are not satisfied with the offer, you have the option to cancel at any time. Our service comes with a risk-free guarantee, and your monthly subscription will be refunded.


The more you give, the more you earn. A win-win for all.‚Äčto help you stay on track.

Our program allows you to benefit your followers without any additional cost to you and as they engage with the community, the more they gain and the more you earn. Let’s grow together.

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